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Managing Passwords

What is a "strong" password?

A strong password consists of letters, numbers and characters and should be 15 characters long. Try to come up with something that can not be easily guessed from public information about you (such as family or pets names or birthdays). By the way, don't include "password" in your password.

Who can I share my password with?

Nobody. If your password becomes known to somebody else- change it.

Who would legitimately request a password via email?

Nobody- apart from crooks.

Do I need a different password for every site?

You should definitely have separated strong passwords for important sites (such as banking, trading and those that hold personal information). You might find it easier to use a common password for less significant sites.

Why is writing my password on a post-it note such a big deal? You can't see it from the internet.

Just as you don't write your pin number on your eftpos card, you shouldn't have your passwords written down near your computer. Anyone who steals your computer would also gain easy access to your personal information.

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